Types of Jobs

 Amusement Park Industry
  The Unites States is teeming with theme parks, such as Six Flags and Kings Dominion to name a few. Amusement parks typically hire college students as part-time employees during school breaks and summer vacation. Job positions in this work setting range from theme park ride operators, food concession attendants, to souvenir shop sales associates.
  Security Service Industry
  Becoming a security guard is a long and arduous process that only a few manage to get through. While it is not nearly as strenuous as specialized law enforcement or military training, it can also be just as tedious and difficult to pass. The physical qualifications should be easy to get past especially among young, able-bodied exchange students. Given there is great demand for security in both public and private settings, exchange students on their off-semester break are the perfect candidates for security guard job vacancies.
 Retail Shopping

There is an over abundance of shopping malls in the USA. Big commercial spaces feature hundreds of stores that offer excellent job opportunities and work experiences to exchange students during school breaks. Majority of retail shops need workforce in order for them to function smoothly on a daily basis. The most common job vacancies in department stores focus on sales and customer service, such as sales assistants and cashiers.

Working at a department store is perfect for Work and Travel participants as such work places are open almost every day of the week with operating hours from morning until late evenings. With this in mind, exchange students can work on a fairly flexible work schedule, allowing them to work in the evenings and complete other activities during daytime.

During the holidays, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas season, department stores typically seek part-time employees to accommodate the demand for cashiers, baggers, store clerks, and sales associates. Interested parties are recommended to walk-in with their resume during application for faster processing and approval by store managers.


National Parks

As national parks and natural heritage sites are usually located far from urban settings, interested applicants should be willing to live in small, rural townships. The accommodations are usually free as employees are provided with board and lodging around the perimeter of parks and camping sites. Some of the most exciting national parks that exchange students may be interested to work at are the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, Rocky Mountains, and the Great Smoky Mountains to name a few.


Resorts specifically open seasonal job opportunities to working students. During spring break, exchange students are encouraged to apply for extra cash and to gain experience too. The job positions allotted for college students during summer and winter break are servers, dishwasher, chambermaid, and maintenance. The tasks for the jobs mentioned above may not be the most fun, but they sure provide extra cash that exchange students find extremely useful in supplementing their temporary residence in the USA.

In addition, resorts boast pleasant and desirable working environments, thus part-time employees do not experience high-levels of stress while working. Exchange students also get the chance to practice their English while communicating with American co-workers and guests alike.

Hotel Work
  The job opportunities in resorts are identical to those you find in hotels. The nature of work is mostly entry-level and short term in nature. Hotels employ college students for basic but necessary job positions such as valet, chambermaid, bellboy, and front desk officer. Although the salary rate offered by hotel is low, part-time students can still bring home substantial amount of cash through tips given by hotel guests and patrons.
Restaurant Work

It’s not difficult to land a job at a restaurant, especially for university students looking to earn extra cash during vacations. Working in restaurants is fast paced, but employment in this industry gives exchange students the opportunity to meet different types of people.



The salary is relatively low when compared alongside other jobs in the food industry, but part-time restaurant employees are given the chance to earn more through tips. If you desire to receive higher salary, try walking in high-class restaurants instead. Cafes and diners are also in great demand for part-time employees who can work as counterperson, bussers, or wait staff.

Temporary Office Work
  Many private companies offer jobs to local students and exchange students too. Young students with exceptional typing and PC skills should look into applying for job vacancies of offices as your chances of getting hired are relatively high.