The Work and Travel program aims to provide the following benefits to its participants:

-      Increased opportunity for exchange students to learn more about the American culture

-      Expand the work and travel experience of participants during school breaks and summer vacation

-      Generate cash that will help in paying off expenses during an

-      Teaches students good work ethics in preparation for adulthood

-      Skills and knowledge developed during the Work and Travel program will further enhance a student’s real-life experiences

-      Build cross-cultural understanding among its students, thus making them more adaptable in various settings within the United States

-      Encourages the development of a deep sense of responsibility among its participants as well as improve their problem-solving and decision-making skills

-      Teach students the value of money and time by giving them the chance to work during school semester breaks and vacations

The Work and Travel program generates decent amount of money for students even for a short period of time. It should be remembered that the main purpose of the salary a student earns from this program is to supplement the cost of living during their stay in the United States. Extra cash generated from part-time employment should only be perceived as an added bonus, and should not motivate participants to abandon school altogether.