Interested applicants for internship and training programs must meet the following requirements:

-  Interested applicants must be 20 to 32 years old

-  Interested applicants must be a student, a fresh graduated or with a few months of work experience in the related field of training (Internship)

- Interested applicants must be a young professional with at least five years of experience in the related field of industry (Training)

- Applicants must have excellent English communication skills. The applicant must exemplify good command of spoken English as this is crucial in daily interactions at the work setting

- Applicant must show good work ethics and exceptional interpersonal skills.

- Interested applicants must exemplify genuine interest in learning new skills as well as flexibility working under a US-owned company. Open mindedness is also an admirable trait that employers watch out for when taking in interns for part-time positions.


Required Documents:

Interested applicants for internship and training programs must prepare the following documents:

- Passport (must not be expiring 6 months prior to departure date)

- NBI Clearance

- Copy of Grades/Transcript of Records

- Proof of Student Status (Certificate of Enrollement/Certificate of Graduation/Diploma)

- Student ID (if currently enrolled)

- Resume with professional picture and Skype ID



Internship and training programs facilitated by VISIONPH delivers many advantages among our participants. In addition to enhancing English communication skills at the workplace, these programs pave the way for budding professionals to gain priceless, real-life experiences that will help them increase their value in the market once they return to their respective country of origin. Duly-accredited internship and training programs offered by VISIONPH provides the following opportunities to its participants:


- Invaluable work experience Participants gain the chance to train, and earn income while training under US-based companies for up to 18 months.

- Continuous improvement of English skills While training for a US-based company, participants earn the opportunity to master and perfect English during business conversations and in the creation of paperwork. Given that English is the preferred language in business transactions, it is imperative for interns to improve their English skills during their stay in the United States.

- Priceless practical training overseas Gain practical training from a company that matches a participant’s educational background. This provides our interns the much-needed leverage, making them more desirable candidates among employers once they return to their home country.

-First-choice candidates for employment Our foreign exchange students who have successfully completed internship and training programs in the USA have the competitive advantage once they seek employment in their home country.

- Valuable credentials for degree holders Academic institutions as well as private companies from around the world recognize internship and training programs in the United States to be advantageous as evidenced by their preference to employ our exchange students over those who finished in local colleges and universities.

- Create potential business relationships in the USA Successful completion of training and internship in the United States give our participants the opportunity to build their very own business contacts- information and connections that will be helpful in the future once they return to their home country.

- Access and first-hand use of new technological innovations Foreign exchange graduates who work for US-based companies as part of practical training are given the opportunity to witness and use cutting-edge technologies before their release and adaptation in other countries.

- Fun and excitement 

Our participants can travel throughout the United States and explore its beauty during off days and US holidays.