Internship/ Training

Training and Internship Program

Gaining work and real-life experiences overseas is a major asset one can list down on their resume. If you want to enjoy a successful career in the future, participating in internship and training programs is a must as colleges and universities include this type of employment training as a crucial part of their respective curriculums.

Internship and training programs are vital in that exchange students are given the chance to apply classroom knowledge to real-life situations. Interns also gain skills and more knowledge during internship and training programs. Understanding the culture, work ethics, and standard practices in the USA contribute to personality development and professional growth- credentials considered as great additions to any professional resume.

Internship and training programs are also great training grounds for exchange students who want to further improve their written and spoken English skills. Apart from the opportunity to master English, internship and training programs allows exchange students to hone practical skills that are much needed in their respective industry. Internship and practical training in the USA offers foreign exchange students many advantages once they return and seek job opportunities in their respective home countries.

Internship USA is just one of the many programs offered by universities and colleges in the country to individuals nearing graduation or those who recently earned their Bachelor’s degree. This internship and training program gives successful applicants up to 18 months of extended stay in the USA, provided the internship is under a student’s major or field of study.

Our trusted, US-based exchange partner facilitates the application process as well as make sure that local employers implement fair working terms and conditions for its exchange students employees. Exchange students may extend their stay between two to 18 months once accepted as interns with duly furnished formal, written contract between them and the Human Resources department.