Internship and Training Program


  Training and Internship Program


Gaining experience in a foreign country is a major asset to a successful career and often an essential part of many degree courses. Many students or recent graduates wish to participate in an Internship and Training Program to gain practical experience to compliment their theoretical knowledge. Gaining exposure to USA work practices and culture aid a student’s personal and professional development and is a valued addition to any professionals resume.


In addition Interns and Trainees will improve their English skills while training in the U.S. By acquiring the much-needed practical experience as well as improving English skills, these individuals have a great start for their careers, which they can develop further upon return to their home countries.


Internship USA is one of a number of University Exchange Programs which offer opportunities for University students who are currently studying or who have recently graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree. The program legally provides for up to 18 months internship in the USA in major or related fields of study. Our exchange partner organization in the USA is responsible for ensuring the local employer accepts students correctly and for making sure that the students receive chances to work in their major fields of study. Students may intern in the USA for 2-12 months (or extend the duration to 18 months maximum). They can also commence the internship at any time of the year depending on the contract between themselves and the hiring organization.